ANGELO SUAREZ : Street Smarts : August 6, 7 pm @ Green Papaya Art Projects, 41 T. Gener Street (coroner Kamuning Rd.) Quezon City : Phone 0926 6635608 or 09189457387 : Angelo Suarez kick-off the W.O.P. Residency Program with Street-Smarts, an intermedia project that traverses the literary, visual, and performative terrains. Street-Smarts is a series of conversations between the artist and taxi drivers from whom he will avail of cab service. Every ride with every cab driver will constitute a durational performance. Each performance shall produce audio recordings, transcriptions, and visual documents, and will form the backbone of a long conceptual poem. The poem or conceptual text will be highly improvisatory, interrogating the notion of multiple authorship by allowing the textual tango between the artist and the driver takes shifting control. The Wednesdays I'm-N-Love program is supported by Arts Network Asia,