How to choose the right handbag for your lifestyle


There are a lot of handbags available today depending on size, style, and material. You can always tell a few things about a woman just by looking at the handbags that they are carrying. A handbag speaks volume about your fashion sense, and also someone can tell your occupation just by looking at the handbag. There are various handbags available out there, and you need to understand each of them so that you can choose the right one. Avon Catalog will help you with choosing a good handbag. A good handbag should fit your lifestyle, fashion sense and also your taste preference.

Choosing the right handbag

The box handbag

The box handbag is just like a rectangular box. This type of handbag is mostly leather with very short straps for holding other than carrying it on your shoulder. A box handbag is ideal for business ladies and also lawyers. The structure of the box handbag makes it easy to arrange documents in the bag without folding them. A box handbag has clean lines and the polished look that is acceptable in the business world and also the legal professional. The standard box handbag can fit all the documents size.


The tote bag

The tote bag is one of the most versatile bags that we have today. With a versatility of a tote bag, you can carry it in the office and still carry it to the party. One thing that you must love about the tote bag is the fact that it is spacious to accommodate all your belongings. If you are looking for a bag that will help you to carry everything that you have, then this is the best bag for you. A tote bag is spacious, and it also has a zipper to keep your items secure in the bag.

Sling bag

A sling bag is a good bag for those days that you want to go for a picnic or a party. It gives you a girly look and a feeling. Unlike a tote bag, a sling bag is quite small, and it will only accommodate a few essentials like makeup, phone, and purse.


Clutch bag

A clutch bag is a little bigger than a purse, and it is preferred for dates or the red carpet. This type of bag is held by hand, and it has no straps. A clutch bag is the smallest bag of all the bags that are available for women.…

Choosing the best heated rollers for your hair


Heated hair rollers help you curl and straighten your hair. Depending on your hair styling needs, you should choose a hair curler that helps you make the hairstyles that will turn heads. Here is a checklist for buying the best heated rollers for your hair styling needs.

The heating technology

2Heated rollers can be sponge heated, ceramic heated or wax heated. It is very important to consider the heating technology applied by a hair curler before you decide that it is the best one for you. Indeed, this should be the starting point. This is because some heated rollers may cause damage to the hair when they get too hot. If your hair is thin and sparse, should get a heated roller that will not cause damage to it. On the other hand, if your hair is curly and sensitive to humidity, choose a ceramic roller that will straighten it and restore its beauty. Wax rollers work for hair types that are the hardest to curl, as they provide more heat that curls stronger than the other types of heated rollers. The Anself Magic is a good example of a sponge heated roller while BaByliss 3045U and Remington H5670 are examples of ceramic and wax heated curlers respectively.

The ease of use

On top of the heating technology of the heated roller, you should also consider the ease of use and how fast the roller cools. There are some heater rollers like the TRESemme 3039U that just slip out of your hair once they get cold. You can use these rollers even as you travel. If you are looking for large and strong curls, you need a heated roller that will grip your hair strongly so that the contact time with the hair can be increased to make strong curls. An example of such a roller is the Diva Professional Styling Stay. Overall, you should choose a heated roller that can be carried around, stored and operated with ease.

Ability to work for any length of your hair

3You need a heated roller that will work for your hair length. There are some rollers that will give only small curls to your short hair or long hair. Others will give you large and strong curls irrespective of your hair size. There are still others that will give different hair curl sizes in different parts of your head. Some like the Nicky Clarke NHS005 give uniform curls to your hair whatever the length. It is always good to choose a heated roller that will provide the curls you need irrespective of your hair size. The BaByliss Pro 20 hair curler works for any hair length and type, and it is a good example here. You can also choose a roller of a different size for your hair at every step of its growth. The choice is yours. Bottom line, you should buy the roller that works for you.

In summary, before you consider other aspects such as the price and brand, it is important to consider the ability of a heated curler to satisfy your specific hair styling needs. Once you know which one works for you, you can then compare prices, durability, make, brand and other details.…

Reasons to use an electric toothbrush


Using an electric toothbrush is the best way to take care of your dental hygiene. The ordinary toothbrush might not give you the thorough clean that you expect. This is because the bristles are not able to go to all parts of your teeth. The role of an electric is to simplify the work for you and make the process of brushing your teeth a little but easy for you. Here are reasons why you should consider replacing your traditional toothbrush with an oral b pro 750 electric toothbrush.

Why use an electric toothbrush

No vigorous scrubbing

When you have an electric toothbrush, you don’t have to worry about vigorous scrubbing. All you need to do is to press the button, and the toothbrush will do the rest of the job for you. The best thing about an electric toothbrush is that even toddlers can brush their teeth without trouble. Since the toothbrush will do a lot of work for you, you don’t have to worry about leaving some parts out. The toothbrush is easy to use and also the process of brushing teeth is fast.


Thorough cleaning

With an electric toothbrush, you can be guaranteed of thorough cleaning. The main disadvantage with the traditional toothbrush is the fact that you are not always guaranteed of thorough cleaning. The bristles cannot reach all parts of the teeth, and this is the main problem. An electric toothbrush, however, can go to all parts of the teeth and this guaranteed you efficient cleaning every time that you brush your teeth.

Good for braces or veneers

If you have braces or veneers, then you need to consider buying a toothbrush that can help you with maintaining oral hygiene. With braces and veneers, it becomes difficult to maintain oral hygiene, but this doesn’t have to be the case. It is still possible to maintain oral hygiene if you have an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush will make sure that you still maintain oral hygiene even with braces.


Good for tooth sensitivity

People with tooth sensitivity always dread the tooth brushing experience. It is important to look for a toothbrush that will take care of your teeth without causing any damage. An electric toothbrush with clean your teeth without hurting your gums. This is because you don’t have to do the vigorous scrubbing that causes damage to the gums and teeth.…