About the wedding fascinators



At every wedding, the highlight of the day has to be the beautiful people in their beautiful outfits. However, as a rule, ladies should be careful not to shine more than the bride. Regarding accessories or even the dress they wear. If you are attending a wedding solo, don’t worry, you’ll have your day to shine as well.

This doesn’t mean that you should look dull and boring. There are plenty of simple ways to look stunning without stealing the bride’s spotlight, wedding fascinators happen to be one of those accessories you are in dire need of.

What are fascinators?

22jbbjfjkhjThese are simply the colorful and decorated hats that ladies wear to weddings and other occasions. They have been around for the longest time, and they are not vintage anymore. Instead, they seem to be taking the lead in the world of fashion. No modern lady can bring herself to doing without them.

Fascinators have won the hearts of both young and old. Not to mention the fact that they come in various colors, designs, and sizes. This is for the sole purpose of accommodating ladies from all walks of life. Each of them has different tastes which should be met.

What’s more, the modern fascinators are comfortable for all ladies to wear. They are fitted with a dose of comfort as well as elegance simply for this purpose.

Wedding fascinators

On to the major point of focus, the wedding fascinators. A deeper delve into these accessories will see you learn so much. A peek into history will reveal to us that fascinators are not just for beauty and fashion. Anyone that wears them is said to be honorable and very reserved in their speech and actions.

When rocking these adorable pieces of accessories, you have to be on your best behavior as a lady. You must probably have heard of this from your mom or aunt, and it’s the truth of the matter.

Another thing about wedding fascinators is that they shield your face. This is especially when the scorching heat is at its highest peak. The delicate skin on your face is not affected in any way because it’s protected. Nowadays, they make fascinators that can cover the face entirely. This doesn’t mean that you won’t watch where you are going.

Picking your size

33jggioriShopping for a wedding fascinator can be a bit tricky. This is because there are some features to consider before buying one for yourself. One includes the shape of your face. A wedding fascinator won’t look splendid on any shape of the face. There is one for every face so that no one will fill excluded.

You also have to consider your likes and preferences. Pick something that you are duly comfortable with. You shouldn’t trouble yourself picking something because it looks good on someone else.

Lastly, the prices should guide you into a better fascinator for you. Don’t strain yourself financially because you want to fit in. Maneuver within your space financially to avoid feeling out of place. They are ‘just hats, ‘ but they can wreak havoc on your finances if not put in their proper place.…

How to choose the right handbag for your lifestyle


There are a lot of handbags available today depending on size, style, and material. You can always tell a few things about a woman just by looking at the handbags that they are carrying. A handbag speaks volume about your fashion sense, and also someone can tell your occupation just by looking at the handbag. There are various handbags available out there, and you need to understand each of them so that you can choose the right one. Avon Catalog will help you with choosing a good handbag. A good handbag should fit your lifestyle, fashion sense and also your taste preference.

Choosing the right handbag

The box handbag

The box handbag is just like a rectangular box. This type of handbag is mostly leather with very short straps for holding other than carrying it on your shoulder. A box handbag is ideal for business ladies and also lawyers. The structure of the box handbag makes it easy to arrange documents in the bag without folding them. A box handbag has clean lines and the polished look that is acceptable in the business world and also the legal professional. The standard box handbag can fit all the documents size.


The tote bag

The tote bag is one of the most versatile bags that we have today. With a versatility of a tote bag, you can carry it in the office and still carry it to the party. One thing that you must love about the tote bag is the fact that it is spacious to accommodate all your belongings. If you are looking for a bag that will help you to carry everything that you have, then this is the best bag for you. A tote bag is spacious, and it also has a zipper to keep your items secure in the bag.

Sling bag

A sling bag is a good bag for those days that you want to go for a picnic or a party. It gives you a girly look and a feeling. Unlike a tote bag, a sling bag is quite small, and it will only accommodate a few essentials like makeup, phone, and purse.


Clutch bag

A clutch bag is a little bigger than a purse, and it is preferred for dates or the red carpet. This type of bag is held by hand, and it has no straps. A clutch bag is the smallest bag of all the bags that are available for women.…