The fabric of the cloth you put on has a significant impact on your garment’s look. Whichever material you choose should complement your desired look as well as the feel of your clothing. For a well-structured outfit, for instance, you should use stiff or thick fabric like brocade or cotton while outfits that flow satin and other draping materials work fine.

Most popular types of fabric for clothing



Chiffon is made from a combination of different synthetic fibers like cotton, nylon, and silk. It has mesh-like weaves which leave it feeling rough to touch. It is not an easy type of fabric to use as it readily expands whenever it is exposed to heat. You should take caution when ironing this fabric. This fabric is attractive and sexy which makes it an excellent choice for lingerie, evening wear, and underwear.


This type of material is popular for upholstery and sweaters. It is made from by-products of natural and petroleum. Acrylic has various benefits in clothing. Besides being warm and lightweight, they are very resistant to stains and wrinkles.


This is the most popular fabric choice for making most wearable garments in all sizes and shape. Cotton is a beautiful fabric due to its great softness, comfort, and high absorbent properties.


This type of fabric is made from plants. Linen is naturally light and a great choice for footwear, bedroom garments, tote bags and bathroom garments.



This fabric is typically real hair that is derived from Angora goats in Turkey. Mohair is very smooth and gives a lustrous and shiny finish. It also looks similar to silk is a cost-effective option for making fur-based clothing.


apparelsleftgfshdjfklgThis is another popular fabric choice which gives strength to make some of the hardest wearing clothing items. It is made from twilled white and indigo yarns that are tightly woven. You can blend it with other fabric to enhance its versatility. Denim can be blended with lycra to make it more elastic and with polyester to make it shrink-free and wrinkle-free.

The type of fabric making you cloth dictates the look and feel of the garment. These are the modern fabric types that are used to make most of the clothes we put on today. You can choose the fabric depending on your taste and preference.