Hair removal can be done in various that include shaving, waxing or using the laser. Waxing involves the removal of hair from the roots by applying melted wax on the skin. This way you get to clear your hair completely. The waxing process has various advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it that you should consider before using it.

Pros of waxing for hair removal

Treats at the roots


When your hair undergoes waxing, it will grow softer than other methods of hair removal. When you shave, the end hair will tend to be blunt and can, therefore, feel rough it starts to grow. Depilatory creams remove air from your skin’s surface, but a stubble may appear in just few day. Waxing, on the other hand, will pull your hair from the root leaving your skin smoother for longer.


As compared to electrolysis and laser forms of hair removal, waxing is relatively a cheaper option. This is because there is no expensive appliance for the salon to buy or maintain. Besides, it takes a short time to undertake this treatment making it cheaper per session.

Effective and fast

The process of waxing removes large amounts of your hair quickly. It can easily and quickly remove hair from men’s chests and backs thus making it effective and a choice for many people.

Long lasting

If you wax hair on the body, it will take up to eight weeks before the hair starts to grow. This is a good way to save you the time you use to shave on a daily basis.

Softer regrowth

Doing the waxing treatment for long periods tend to make your hair softer and sparser when it starts to grow again.

Cons of waxing for hair removal


Waxing may hurt when the hair is pulled off your skin. This pain is however for just a short time but very sharp and can be unpleasant

Skin irritation

Your skin will be sore for some time after waxing especially if you have thick hair or you are undergoing the process for the first time, and the hair follicle is strong.


haircarerightdjzsxfckvgblhnjmFor waxing to be done, you need to have a certain amount of hair. This means that you will have to wait for enough for regrowth to occur before you can go for another waxing session. This can be embarrassing and annoying, and most people choose to put on sleeved trousers and tops until regrowth is complete.

The hair on your body may be too much for your to bear so before you can resort to waxing to help remove the hair go through these pros and cons to see if you want to go on with the process.